HotSpots Vanuatu – About Us

Welcome to HotSpots Vanuatu – creators of the HotSpots Vanuatu map and HotSpots Vanuatu voucher book.

HotSpots bring Vanuatu tourists, destinations and attractions together with their colourful and uniquely sketched Vanuatu Map and Vanuatu discount voucher book.


The HOT Vanuatu FREE Maps

Zoom in, Zoom out. Two FREE Vanuatu maps, one handy sheet.

The first map, a full aerial view of the Vanuatu island of Efate, home of the country’s capital Port Vila. Use this map to plan your trip around the island and mark off stops along the way. Visit local Ni- Vanuatu villages, stunning beaches, restaurants, attractions and much more.

Turn over to view the Port Vila map. Created to help visitors and tourists navigate their way around the CBD. Here you’ll find the HOT locations of Vanuatu hotels, restaurants, resorts, spas, tours, car hire, retail stores, dentists and anything else you might need while visiting.

The great thing about the FREE Vanuatu map and FREE Port Vila map is they’re easily accessible at over 80 locations dotted all around Port Vila. If you’re visiting by Cruise Ship, you’ll be handed one as you disembark at the wharf or pick them up at the Goodies Money Exchange in town, your hotel or car hire. It’s pretty easy to find them around town. Or if you want to be super organised go to our link for a downloadable map and print it off at home (and bring your magnifying glass with you!).

The HOT Vanuatu discount voucher book

Flip through your HotSpots Vanuatu discount voucher book and discover the best deals in town. Here you’ll find the HOTTEST Vanuatu eateries, spas, attractions, tours and activities offering great discounts and specials. Each Hotspots Vanuatu voucher book retails for 1,000vt which is approx. $10AUD and is packed with HOT specials valued at over $1,500AUD – so the question is not ‘why would you’, but ‘why wouldn’t you’?

These little gems are available at the information booth near the luggage collection point at the airport, at Goodies locations in town, at the best hotels and in both the Pandanus shop and Au Peche Mignon on the main street of Port Vila. Check out the little red flag symbol on the Hotspots Map and that’s where you’ll find the Hotspots Vouchers sold.

Team up the Vanuatu voucher book with the Vanuatu maps to create a fun and affordable holiday itinerary with memories to last a lifetime. Do as little or as much as you like. Get deals wherever you go.