It’s rare to walk through a hotel foyer and be impressed with the walls, but the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu has certainly achieved that by being first in Vanuatu to celebrate the art and culture of Melanesia with hand painted artworks.
Pacific artist Lambert Ho was delighted to be invited back to Port Vila to continue his close relationship with the resort and graciously met up with the Hotspots Vanuatu team this month. His expressive artwork has proudly adorned the walls in the rooms and the communal areas since 2011 and will be enjoyed by many when the resort reopens in 1st June 2016.
The work is inspired by Vanuatu’s tradition of sand drawing which is an age old art form and a means of local storytelling, yet here at the Holiday Inn it has a contemporary twist. Featuring the marine life or flora of Vanuatu, these paintings make each room an artistic delight.
Creative since childhood, Lambert explained that he has ‘artists genes’ and that this first started to show as a young child with the playful costumes he created and has now grown to become his full time occupation. Fijian by birth, Lambert is renowned for bright colourful contemporary pieces and loves that his Melanesian roots are expressed in these modern artworks at the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu. Lambert’s next piece will be exhibited in London later this year. He loves Vanuatu which he says is “ten times more laid back” that his home in Fiji.
We commend the vision that the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu has shown. Our local Vanuatu culture is one of the things that makes us stand apart, and by showcasing it this way, we are embracing our heritage and making it part of the modern world. We love it!

Story by Hotspots Vanuatu