Ekasup Cultural Village

Ekasup Cultural Village

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This village experience begins with a bus schedule from all hotels. A short drive 5km away from Port Vila Township lies this perfect setting nestled in the heart of the woods of Erakor. Visitors will be greeted by the chief and his warriors with clubs, spears, bows and arrows. As the compound is divided up into different areas, the Chief and his professional guides will take you to learn the different village life styles from farming, home economics, architectural, Medicament, ways of their cannibalism and many more. We trust parents will find this outing interesting and more educational, with a meaningful and very memorable experience. The Village is like a visitors Library in the Woods that may take you back to the centuries to experience the real wonders of the past …and why Vanuatu is known as “THE man’s World!” It is an excursion with a big difference!

The only village in the woods which has one of the most colorful & comprehensive ways of learning about the Culture & Traditions of the indigenous people; emerged in the year 1993 with the fundamental aim to enhance the surviving rate of the valuable aspects of the indigenous culture & tradition in the entire archipelago of Vanuatu. Ekasup has served to demonstrate to many thousands of visitors the real Melanesian treasury of skills that has been survived for thousands of years. It is a meaningful experience about Vanuatu’s culture, tradition, languages & identities that individuals inherit from his/her own tribe.

Ekasup is established as a ” Cultural Athenaeum” which can educate visitors to be part of the village life and learn the ways of our great ancestors, it’s truly very interesting to learn and to know about the secrets of the Melanesians. Our friendly team at Ekasup will tell and demonstrate the great way’s of our ancestors as they lived centuries ago. The trip relate tales of cannibalism in the not so distant past , the primitive but effective spears and other methods & techniques for trapping wild life’s including pigs, chicken and fish . If it is suspected that some fish maybe poisonous, Ni Vanuatu will demonstrate a sample on the ground; if ants avoid it, it’s poison however if ants eat it so do the people.

Other features: * Medicinal herbs * Fishing Skills * Food Preservation * Food Preparation * Weaving techniques * Different uses of coconut palms * The ways of our ancestor’s cannibalism