The Hotspots guide to touring on a budget

If you’re not familiar with Hotspots Vanuatu, we’re not shy to declare that we are the producers of the best map and discount vouchers in Vanuatu. We want you to make the most of your Vanuatu holiday and not have to harvest your organs to afford it, so we have put together a 5 day itinerary that makes use of every discount voucher we have. To make things super easy we’ve put the map number in brackets where ever possible. So explore and SAVE!

For those that missed Part 1 of the story, follow this link:

Wallet Friendly Adventures

Today is the day for exploring the underwater world a bit closer to town. All these deals are close to town so a car isn’t required. You can use the local buses to get around which are very cheap at only 150vt for adults and 50vt for kids per trip.

Oceanwalker Vanuatu (14) is for all ages and fitness levels and is a simple way to view the underwater life. You pop on a breathing helmet and walk along the bottom of the sea just a few metres down. With a Hotspots voucher you save yourself 15%.

If you want a little bit more freedom, join the Reef Explorer (79) for a snorkelling trip. Even non snorkelers can come along as their semi sub allows surface dwellers to enjoy the sights through the glass windows. Save 10% with your voucher.

For the really adventurous, get 10% off a double dive with Nautilus Watersports (1). The discount applies for both certified and introductory dives.

After you’ve had your morning fun in the water, head to the nearby Brewery (21) for lunch and get 10% off your total food bill. With a good selection of food and beers there’s something for everyone.

Or if you need a warm up, head to Spice Indian Restaurant (93) and receive free naan bread, rice, salad and a fresh lime juice.

Spend the afternoon at leisure and then head to Stone Grill (73) for the best steaks in town, washed down with a free beer, wine or soft drink.


Shopping Day Savings

With so many shopping options, why not head to the spots where you’re sure to be saving your hard earned cash.

Starting at the top of town, Pandanus (71) has a gorgeous array of locally made products, gifts and homewares as well as unique jewellery, t-shirts and art. Present your voucher and receive 15% off their range of tea towels.

Sound Centre (9) will give you a huge 25% off any purchase of Oakley sunglasses and while you are there, check out their range of electronics, perfumes, jewellery and bags all at duty free prices.

Directly across the road is Vila Bottleshop, your one stop shop for your take home duty free alcohol. Get 10% off already cheap duty free prices.

Half Day Discounts

If you just want a day where everything is planned out and all you need to do is turn up then try these options out.
Atmosphere Tours (95) will take you to a few choice spots in air conditioned comfort with a 15% discount. Visit places like the Lololima Cascades or do a cultural tour.

Eden on the River (36) is the perfect place for some family time out. With a range of attractions and activities you could easily spend the whole day and you’re more than welcome to! Enjoy the Bridges of Eden, tubing in the river, a garden tour, a mini golf course and café. With your voucher you get a very generous 25% off all tours.

Tamanu on the Beach (63) is one of those gems that you just don’t want to leave once you arrive. Tamanu is a favoured wedding spot and for good reason. Amazing beachfront location with equally amazing food. With 25% off all spa body treatments, treat yourself to a massage and spend the rest of the day eating, lounging and feeling like a VIP.


Visit Another Island

There is more to Vanuatu than Port Vila. If you have the time, visit another island and get a true understanding of what island life is about.

Lelepa Island Day Tours (41) will take you to Lelepa Island for some truly beautiful, untouched snorkelling and you’ll get a free souvenir when you present your voucher.

Erakor Island Resort & Spa is only 10 minutes from Port Vila town but feels like a million miles away. Most people head out to this pristine little island for a couple of hours and end up staying the whole day so prepare yourself to fade into island time whilst there. With a free cocktail on arrival, it’s a great start to a guaranteed wonderfully relaxing day.

Pauvina Guesthouse is located on Nguna Island. Hike up an extinct volcano – the payoff is a view only rivalled by air. Visit a village, go for a surf, snorkel or just relax. When you stay at Pauvina Guesthouse you will receive and authentic Vanuatu souvenir to commemorate your visit.

Take to the air and experience Vanuatu further afield. Visit the explosive Mt Yasur volcano on Tanna or take some scenic flights over the archipelago and save 1,000vt per person with Air Taxi.

We hope you have a wonderful time visiting Vanuatu.
Lukim yu!